Medicine still struggles to find adequate explanations for treatment-resistant fibromyalgia, and other complex pain syndromes. For those who suffer from these debilitating conditions, the choices are not easy: medicate adequately, and live with grogginess and exhaustion, or reject the drugs, and live with 24/7 pain.

Laser light treatments offer a wonderful alternative.

Non-chemical, non-drowsing, this is a therapy that relieves pain and restores aching muscle and nerves to health, boosting quality of life immensely. Most patients treated in this modality report improved sleep within 2 or 3 treatments, and a rapid increase in sense of wellbeing.

Although we may not yet fully understand what causes fibromyalgia, we do know that by the time pain and chronic fatigue set in, the body is depleted of energy. Tired cells lack the nutrients to perform their normal function, and they limp along in a state of tiredness and inadequacy, unable to make fresh, new cells. Red and near infrared light treatment causes the quickest possible replenishment of those cells with ATP and cytochrome C oxidase, allowing them to start doing their jobs again.

Integrative Centers For Wellbeing proudly provides this treatment in Towson, relying on the research and development of Dr. Fred Kahn, vascular surgeon of Toronto, and his company Bioflexlaser. Using equipment and protocols developed by Dr. Kahn, we have brought relief and healing to many in the greater Baltimore region since early 2017. The treatments allow patients to reduce or eliminate use of the hated narcotics, and to resume active, productive lives.

At times, we will also utilize Biomodulation equipment developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, if that seems indicated for the particular condition, in the quest of pain-free and active living. The result has been grateful patients who report great improvements in quality of life.

Time to set aside those drugs and all their side effects, and to try the holistic, integrative alternative! First consultancy with Dr. Newman is covered under most health plans, and we can discuss payment alternatives for treatments. 

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