Here at the Integrative Centers for Wellness, we take pride in our services. We take customer feedback seriously and we love to hear the success stories of patients. Here are tesimonials from patients that have been in treatment with us and have experienced fantastic results worth sharing.

"Dr. Newman helped me with knee pain I have had for years. After multiple surgeries and injections nothing has resolved the problem or the pain. I have a torn ligament and arthritis in the knee. After laser therapy I was pain free!! It has lasted several months now. I am so relieved that laser works -- no more injections or surgery!" 

-  J.M.

Brain Injured patient:

“I met Dr. Newman in 2016, but I only sought his help in the last few months with the symptoms that took over my life. In July 2015, I was attacked and robbed while buying coffee in a 7-11 convenience store in Baltimore City. I was dragged up the aisle, severely pistol whipped in the face and head, robbed, and keys taken to my home and vehicle. Inside the car were many personal items, and my 9 week old puppy. She was never seen again, and neither were the criminals found. After much suffering, I started Photobiomodulatoin with The Neuroscience Team. The Photobiomodulation treatment has been a Life Source for me! My mind is clearer, I sleep and focus better most days, and the racing thoughts, anxiety and depression has bene[sic] lifted. I can’t speak for tomorrow, but today I am happy. I know I will never be 100% relieved of the memories, but I am thankful for the accomplishments I have made thus far. I would not be at this state of being if it had not been for the support system at The Neuroscience Team. I don’t know where I would be today if I had not trusted and believed in Dr. Newman when he said “I can help”. Thank you!”

- K.T.


Parents of a child with autism:

“The light therapy has been quite amazing. Within a short while, we saw Jimmy’s* anxiety come down, his repetitive and obsessive behaviors decrease, and his cooperation improve dramatically. He started interacting with us at the table more, cracking jokes, and seemed able to ‘go with the flow’ much more, not throwing tantrums when it didn’t go his way. More than any other treatment in the 13 years we’ve been working with him, the light therapy was highly effective, causing a new level of development and progress in his maturation.”

- Anonymous father and mother of an autistic child.  

I inquired about the possibility of the Neurofeedback, and other brain treatments offered by the Neuroscience Team, helping to cure and/ or curb the effects of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) had by two of my children. I was thrilled that the answer was “Yes”, and my two sons, ages 8 and 12 began treatments in 2017. Shortly after we initiated treatments for the two boys, my husband and I noticed improvements in their ADHD symptoms including Self-focused behavior, forgetfulness, disorganization, inability to focus, unfinished tasks, and fidgeting.


Sixteen months ago I was assaulted at work by 3 youths, and my world was gone! The physical problems just increased over time, from getting lost to being unable to recall names of family members, or to read my own handwriting. It felt like I was experiencing Alzheimer’s. But, it was fixable: I had Dr. Newman and his team on my side. The treatments are non-invasive. As Dr. Newman was explaining the technology to me, I could not comprehend what he was explaining. But the treatments do work!

At first, I was doubtful, but I am extremely glad I was wrong. Amazingly, with 10 months of treatment, I now have a life again, and am looking forward to the future. I am aware that I will not be totally back to normal, but I can now enjoy life to the best of my ability. Dr. Newman, you and your team are beautiful people with a gift from God. I understand that I will have setbacks, but I also know that this great team will be there for me and to pick me up again.

God bless Dr. Newman and his team at The Neuroscience Team.

- HB

I highly recommend the Neuroscience Team to any one who has suffered from a concussion as the result of a vehicular accident or some other type of head trauma. Before visiting the Neuroscience Team, I thought that I would just have to deal with my symptoms for the rest of my life because the medications my primary care physician prescribed brought some temporary relief, but they simply did have a lasting effect or make me feel normal. Dr. Newman and his staff are serious about their work and helping people to feel better. The care patients receive is personal, specialized, and professional. Patients are in great hands.

- LP