Much pressure is often brought to bear on parents to have their children evaluated. Teachers and principals will insist that “full psychological evaluation is urgently needed”. But then parents discover that the school board will not pay for the evaluation, since the problems seen in their child “are not bad enough”.

So they call around to psychologists and neuropsychologists, only to find out that this could cost them thousands of dollars.

What a terrible dilemma: for parents to have to choose between their child’s development and a mortgage payment!

What if you just want the best possible developmental service for your child? What if you suspect that having the right recommendations at this point in his or her development can make all the difference, for years to come? You may have heard “learning disability”, “ADHD” or “ADD”, or suggestions of cognitive delay from teachers. You need answers.

The evaluation needs to be clear and specific, so that teachers and IEP groups will have pragmatic solutions to offer. But, parents are told that if the evaluation is for educational purposes, “this is not a covered service”. How can you get the best possible intervention implemented quickly, when you can’t get proper assessment of the child?

I am Dr Gabriel Newman, neuropsychologist and clinical director of The Neuroscience Team and Integrative Centers for Wellbeing. Our business has been active in the greater Baltimore area for over 33 years, providing exceptional, cutting-edge diagnostics for both children and adults in areas of: education, mental health, and neurocognitive development.

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