Integrative Centers for Wellbeing now celebrates a full year since we started treating chronic pain with red and near infrared light. The modality is known as: LOW INTENSITY LASER THERAPY (LILT), or sometimes referred
to as LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY (LLLT). Ever grateful to Dr Fred Kahn and the outstanding
team of practitioners at Bioflexlaser in Toronto, Canada for their developing the use of cold
laser to effect improvements in so many conditions, we are seeing outstanding results!
Just exactly as Dr Kahn’s work has proven (documented in the book by Norman Doidge, MD,
“The Brain’s Way of Healing Itself”), we have ourselves observed dramatic improvement in
the quality of life for almost every patient using these therapies.

How it works:

First, the laser light reduces inflammation rapidly and effectively, which immediately alleviates pain and reactive processes in the body. This benefits almost every known pain condition, including: fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, arthritis and joint pain, and RSD (also referred to as CRPS).  Naturally, this also reduces stress and anxiety, causing a relaxation of muscles around the body, which opens them up for healing. Then, once tissue, muscle, and vascular system have restored to more normal tone and size, the light can truly go to work, fixing every place it reaches. By boosting adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and cytochrome C oxidase within the tissue, the light empowers the DNA of the cells and the general environment within the body to enter a phase of remarkable self-repair. For this reason, patients report powerful reduction in pain levels, improvement in flexibility, range of motion, strength, and general sense of well-being.

Just exactly as has been seen in the treatment of animals for many decades, and in clinical practice in the orient and many countries of Europe, as further proven and developed by Dr Kahn in Toronto, we too have the satisfaction of improving our patients’ lives quickly and dramatically. A course of 10 to 20 treatments can completely alter people’s lives, putting them back on track to be active and healthy.

Of course, as with any treatment, individual response does vary, and past results are never a guarantee for future outcomes. However, the overwhelmingly positive response from so many of our patients is highly encouraging.

Our usual charge per treatment is highly reasonable: $99.

We also offer a standard 25% discount from this price for veterans of the armed forces and law enforcement personnel.  

Veterans and law enforcement will still benefit from additional discount off this special price (call for details).

This is our way of giving back to the community that supports us.

You owe it to yourself to feel better! Let the miraculous healing power of light change your life for the better.

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Because of the science behind its action, the cold laser
treatment also benefits all of the following conditions:
skin wounds, traumatic brain injury, autism, ADHD,
depression, and anxiety/panic disorder.