• The American Board of Disability Analysts
• The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance
• Affiliate of Brain Master
• Affiliate of EEG Spectrum
• Provider of Neuroguide Therapies
• Affiliate of High Performance Neurofeedback

“…to educate, guide and advise the public on matters of spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.”

Given that the quest is nothing short of optimal health for all who join us, the topics covered by ICW in its outreach and education include: mental and spiritual wellbeing, diet and nutrition, cellular and metabolic health, and energy and electrical current in the body, among others. As such, our work will cover all materials taken in and eliminated by the body, and the process of how these materials are processed in between. For too long, we have trustingly accepted the contents of our processed foods, water, medications, and environment as generally ‘okay’. We lived with the assumption that large food or drug manufacturing companies are committed to our health. That city officials who refine and process our drinking water simply know best about what our bodies need. And that doctors who hand us sample prescriptions have fully researched the drugs before giving them out to the public, and that their assurance of safety can be relied on.

Unfortunately, research is proving otherwise. The fluoride, chlorine, ammonium, and other substances inserted in our water, a form of medicating without consumers’ permission, turns out to be poisonous for us. So is the raw sewage allowed to be mingled with our drinking water (up to 25% in many parts of the country!). The effect is a depletion of electrons in our body, inducing a plethora of free radical molecules throughout our bodies. This depletion of energy is now believed to be a contributing source to all illnesses and pain syndromes.

Medications dispensed to us are often short-lived treatments designed to target a symptom, while causing side effects often worse than the original problem. Distortions in reporting of research by drug companies due to ‘relative rates’ of response, rather than absolute statistics, deceive us into believing that the science is solid and the benefits are fully proven, and the adverse effects very small, even when benefits are highly questionable, and the side effects dire and dangerous.  

Our medical providers certainly do mean well, and want to help, but overwhelmed with bureaucratic work, their income from appointments having decreased considerably, over time, they often lack the time needed to read current progress in science or alternative approaches to healing. They often have to accept the ‘facts’ fed to them by their original medical training and the drug reps who visit them. There is also this simple concern: all systems, once created, seek to defend and perpetuate themselves, at all cost. This is a rule of ecosystems, regardless how far they might have strayed from their original cause of existence, or how many corners they cut to stay there. This rule is operative as much in health as in politics, business, education…all areas of human endeavor.        

The mission of ICW is to bring to our lay membership current, open and free-minded thinking. We shall always seek fact-based knowledge, and reject the notion that there is one, proven method or pathway, and all others are invalid. We accept the authority only of our great Creator, rather than that of any man-made system or structure, and we will fight to push back at intimidation or bullying of the thought process.

Professionals and lay members are seen as equals in ICW – we are all students of the incredible creations of our Master and Creator. The humble practitioner recognizes that he/she has often learned more from the ‘patients’ coming for help than from authoritative mentors. The purpose of an expressive association is to allow its members free exchange of ideas, without risk of control or reprisal based on what might be perceived as territorial encroachment or competition by other groups or disciplines. Our work and teachings are premised on the constitutional right for members of any voluntary association to share ideas freely, and for each individual to take personal responsibility for their own health choices. With a deep commitment in our association to the promotion of health and wellbeing, no nefarious or malicious communications will be tolerated within our endorsed formats for group communications.