Why do so many struggle to recover from skin lesions?

Whether caused by a burn, a trauma-induced cut, or neuropathic
conditions like diabetes, these wounds seem to take a very long
time to heal, raising the risk of infection or other complications.

One also hears of wound centers continuing to care for patients
with such problems for years, with little or no progress towards

At Integrative Centers For Wellbeing (ICW) of Towson, MD, we believe the delay in recovery is due to failure in restoring cells of the body to health. Binding the wounds, and providing anti-biotic and analgesic creams or pills may relieve discomfort, but it does not give the cells what they need, to recover. 

Human cells need the natural healing power of light, healthy circulation, and  electrical charge, to fix themselves. Using equipment and protocols developed by Fred Kahn, M.D. of Toronto, general surgeon, we bathe injured areas of the body in healing red and infrared light, a proven modality for restoring health to the cells. We may also employ biofeedback and biomodulation techniques to increase circulation and restorative energy to parts of the body needing such interventions.

Integrative Centers For Wellbeing  - ICW - is a division of The Neuroscience Team, a practice in Neuropsychology that has been serving the greater Baltimore area for over 30 years. Adding the holistic and integrative functions of the ICW has greatly expanded the help we can offer to patients, in a myriad of conditions. 

It’s time to try the holistic alternatives. In conjunction with good medical care, they are likely to accelerate recovery and restore health, dramatically.

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