What do parents do, when they have that slight gnawing feeling in the stomach that their child may not be developing at expected rates?

Is it possible to gain insight into whether or not your child might have a developmental delay, attention problem, or learning difficulty?

All studies point to the fact that the earlier we intervene, the greater the chances of reversing delays. This only intensifies the urgency for parents who have doubts, without providing the pathway to answers.

What sort of intervention should be done?
Who could provide evaluation in those formative years of life?

Often, parents will be told by staff at the pediatrician’s office that it’s way too early to assess the child. This might be completely wrong information.

We represent The Neuroscience Team and Integrative Centers for Wellbeing, two leading businesses in psychological assessment and health care in the greater Baltimore area. The Neuroscience Team has been performing psychological and neuropsychological assessments for over 33 years.


This is our quest:

to provide the best possible diagnostic answers and to give every child their best shot at full success.

 Psychological assessments can start as young as 3-6 months of life and go through the entire lifespan. We utilize a wide array of testing materials, the newest developments in neuroscience, and trained, experienced examiners who know how to build bridges with children and get the answers they need.

We are in network with almost every health insurance plan, and - depending upon the nature of your concern - the assessment will most likely be a covered service. But our friendly and helpful staff can answer all questions for you: we are but a phone call away.


Should the assessment not be covered by your plan, our practice is offering very special prices for the spring/summer of 2018, provided you call now. We would like to ensure that cost never stands in the way of thorough assessment and treatment for every child.


We will be delighted to meet you and your child, and to hopefully ease your worries.

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