The Special Case of Chronic Illness, Part II


To review some of what was covered in Part I of this video series: we know that cells of the body often go into a Cell Danger Response state, and can struggle to recover from this for a long time.

The mitochondria then start to fail, lacking the energy and nutrients to heal the cells that are sick, or to make new ones. Cells of the body, and neurons of the brain, become low in electrical charge, and depleted of both ATP – adenosine triphosphate - and cytochrome c oxidase (CCO). Instead of being at about 7 and a half volts, where cells need to be in order to be happy and healthy, they may drop down to close to zero – or, worse – enter a negative polarity. This becomes a loop in which they are stuck: they lack the resources to make new cells or repair themselves, but they also lack the strength to do their job. And the natural programming for self-repair, which usually comes from the mitochondria, is shut down.

The Electron Exchange Through Cytochrome C Oxidase

 The crucial fix needed is: to boost the energy levels in the cells, and to                                                                replenish ATP and CCO in the body, and to repair the mitochondria.

 So  now I want to share with you exciting information about newer                                                                      technologies that can do just that.


First, the use of red and near infrared light. Imagine if the beaming of a friendly, harmless light into the cells could replenish ATP, boost CCO, restore voltage levels, and foster self-repair! Wouldn’t that be something? Well, it is. And it’s real. Though long used in limited applications like physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic care, and in veterinarian medicine on animals, this amazing healing modality – known as photobiomodulation (PBM) in the scientific journals - is now a proven solution for people who suffer from chronic illnesses. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Fred Kahn of Toronto for his stellar work in advancing the field, and showing us the immense benefits we can obtain, for so many conditions, from red and near infrared light. Dr. Kahn’s work was made famous by Dr. Norman Doidge, Toronto psychiatrist, whose bestselling book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” started the growth in public awareness on this. Please click on the buttons on my webpage, below, or in the “science’ section, to see articles that review the latest research in this area – it’s impressive.

Next, I’m also excited to share with you the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant, renowned ophthalmologist of Dallas, Texas, who created the instrument known as the “Biomodulator”. Recruiting scalar energy, a special form of recuperative energy formed from a low grade electrical pulse, paired with magnetic force, often delivered on a wave of red light, Dr. Tenant created instruments that gently, holistically replenish the cells and neurons with the energy needed to cause their recovery.

Lastly, no healing program can be done successfully without thought given to the nutrients we may be lacking, and supplementing our bodies. The body that has been struggling against chronic illness for months or years, will have developed deficits of what’s needed, and a build-up of toxins. As we battle against our chronic problem, heavy metals can collect in the brain and body, and we become deficient in basic ingredients needed for the building of neurotransmitters, for DNA repair, and other crucial life functions. So in conjunction with such wonderful modalities as photobiomodulation, biomodulation, and with the elimination of toxins, we must make sure that necessary supplements are obtained, to let the healing begin. These are some of the methods used by my practice to help people find their way back to health.

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