Biomodulation is a treatment involving the adjustment of voltage in cells of the body, through the application of an FDA-approved device over recommended sites relative to the conditions being treated. The Biomodulator uses Biofeedback and Neuromodulation technology to stimulate the body's natural release of nitric oxide, endorphins and neuropeptides into the blood stream, which increases ATP in the cells, bringing about a natural healing process. With restoration of energy levels to the cells as needed, the body can heal itself. The increase in nitric oxide caused by the device fosters vascular dilation, increasing blood circulation, which is often the cause of deep-tissue pain or headaches and migraines. A transducer may be used to help distribute the signal to sites chosen, in accord with symptoms described or an EEG brain map, which can guide the application. 

There are no known side effects, adverse outcomes, or contra-indications in the present state of science regarding this procedure, and no patients treated with this modality have reported negative  outcomes. However, as with all treatments, individual response varies, and we are not able to predict either course of improvement or recovery through its use, or all potential responses from patients.

Biomodulation is the development of research and practice of Dr. Jerald Tennant of Texas, a retired ophthalmologist, who utilized his understanding of biomolecular and biochemical process in the body to create a drug-free, holistic healing process that is harmonious with nature, and facilitates the natural healing power of the cells. The modality has proven beneficial in the treatment of concussion, various illnesses such as macular degeneration, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy and muscular sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, dementias and other cognitive impairments, autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (also known as Complex regional Pain Syndrome), and much more.

Dr. Tennant’s site can be visited at:

Visit the “Testimonials” page under “About”, to read accountings and studies on the treatment modality.

Given the early and progressive nature of this science, it is not reimbursed by insurance at this time, thus it can be offered through our company only in private pay manner.

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