Introduction by Dr. Gabriel Newman:
Thank you for your interest in our new entity, ICW. I am glad to share with you the story of its development. I have been engaged in a lifelong effort to assist people to attain fulfillment and wellbeing, and this drive has led a constant process of learning and discovery. Exciting developments of the past 3 years in my own understanding of the process of regeneration within the human body have led to a desire to share these insights and discoveries with others, to benefit as many people as possible. Initially, working as a spiritual leader within the orthodox Jewish community, I focused on approaches of the spirit, on inspirational, spiritual forces towards enhanced human development. Next, during the period of my exclusive engagement in neuropsychology, I turned my attention more to the psyche, and to scientific approaches that enhance our control of thought and the emotional process, towards attainment of happiness and fulfillment for my patients. In the latter years, however, I was greatly affected by the need to help those suffering from traumatic brain injury, autistic spectrum disorder, encephalopathic conditions, and other chronic, intractable conditions of the human body – all of which affect body, mind and spirit. Witnessing an abject failure of traditional and classical medical approaches to explain or address these conditions, I began to search far and wide for answers to their questions, and have observed methodologies that work from an integrative, holistic perspective, that are bringing significant improvement to people. Patients who suffered terribly have been enabled to think in terms of health and wellbeing, rather than just relief from their pain and suffering.

My approach to healing has been influenced by the work of Dr. Fred Kahn, General and Vascular Surgeon of Toronto, and Dr. Jerry Tennant, Opthalmologist-Surgeon of Texas. Both these impressive individuals left traditional medicine in order to engage in cellular and energy transformation, and are helping people in dramatic ways. Discovering non-invasive methods that can safely and effectively cause regeneration of cells in the human body and effect improvement in a myriad of conditions, I became enthused anew with the opportunity to help people. The rationale behind these approaches was unfailingly logical, and seemed to bring much higher rates of improvement to clients than traditionally obtained, with far less risk or adverse potentiality. Interviews with many patients affirmed efficacy of the treatments. The next challenge became how to deliver these options to people, in a manner consistent with their holistic and all-encompassing nature. For it is only in the human mind that we can be divided into compartments and separate parts such as: body, brain, mind, psyche and spirit. In real life, we are not so compartmentalizable. Since this approach is more one of educating and guiding people towards healthy lifestyle choices and self-management, I concluded that my formal, contractual relationships with health insurance companies is not the appropriate structure, and Integrative Centers for Wellbeing (ICW) was formed. To protect our message as a spiritual, whole-person center for wellness, Integrative Centers for Wellbeing (ICW) operates as a private, expressive association, and we invite voluntary subscription of those who wish to join, as well as their active input. We look forward to your involvement.  

G Newman                  

Integrative Centers for Wellness is not a traditional physical therapy clinic. While a lot of therapists and therapy programs focus on an immediate area, we prefer to look at the body as a complete system. We believe and understand that an injury or illness can affect more than one area - our approach is more encompassing and comprehensive.

Long before opening in 2006 we recognized the need for a more inclusive and comprehensive physical therapy clinic. That is why we joined forces and why we do what we do. Everyone at Integrative Centers for Wellness is dedicated to personal health and helping others. It is our commitment that allows us an outstanding reputation and keeps medical practitioners and patients coming to us for assistance.