Integrative Centers for Wellness | Baltimore, MD There are different types of head and brain injuries. Head trauma from the outside can be from the impact to the head in a car accident, work-related injuries with falling objects, or a punch to the head. Head trauma from the inside may be due to a stroke or brain tumor, early dementia, or medication. Nonspecific mild cognitive impairment, whose cause may be unknown, or from specific illnesses that affect brain function, like Lyme disease or lupus, are also considered within the realm of brain injury.

The Integrative Centers for Wellbeing is proud to be a division of The Neuroscience Team. By thinking systemically, we engage in thorough diagnostics to obtain the clearest picture of what is wrong and develop the most effective treatment plan possible. We also track the most important scientific research currently emerging from integrative and alternative medicine approaches. While the treatment modalities we use are often not familiar to traditional medicine circles, they are solidly rooted in studies reported in peer review journals, based on highest standards in medical research.  

Patients from across the United States and outside of the country have been drawn to us because of our reputation for excellence and our tireless efforts to get good results. As a result, we have treated thousands of patients with brain injuries over the past 25 years and are looking forward to helping thousands more.

For dedicated health care and compassionate support, look to the Integrative Centers for Wellbeing.


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Dr. Gabriel Newman, PhD, PSc.D


 In 2018, Dr. Newman was awarded recognition by The International Association of Healthcare Professionals   (IAHCP) as a Top Neuropsychologist of the Baltimore area. He is due to be featured in the book “The Leading   Physicians of the World”, in late 2018.


 Additionally, he has been recognized as a leading neuropsychologist by “Find a Top Doc”, a medical service   association of New York.